Studies in Granada

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Granada in November, to study dance at Carmen de las Cuevas.  I can recommend the school for one or two weeks of classes.  You can research the teacher first and check that they have a style that you want to learn – a schedule of teachers and the palo to be taught is advertised in advance on their web site.  The administrators speak English and are very well-organised to help newcomers to Granada.  Classes are from beginner to advanced level.  Remember that Spanish ‘intermediate’ level is significantly higher than most of the intermediate classes in the UK!

I also enjoyed being able to listen to the highest standard of flamenco music and see one of my favourite dancers, one of my favourite guitarist and hear some fantastic flamenco puro.  It was good to meet up with friends who have visited Manchester and artists whose work I love.  Here is a selection of photos.


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